Air Ticketing And GDS Courses

Air Ticketing And GDS Courses
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Air Ticketing and GDS course give an insight of the travel and tourism industry. Commonly used terminologies and concepts are discussed about the trade. Air Ticketing calculation is covered in details along with GDS concept. After the completion of this course the candidate can get a job in travel agencies, GDS companies like Galileo and Amadeus, travel portals.

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: INR 35,000

Instalment Plan: 15,000 + 10,000 + 10,000

Placements: VISA agent, Hotel front desk staff, travel agency, travel portals

Below modules are covered in detail:

World Geography

Itinerary Planning

Terminologies used in the travel industry

Basics of Travel Documents such as VISA, Passport, Health Documents

Introduction to Hotels, Cars, and Cruises

Global Indicators

Calculation of one-way fare and return fare

Specified routings

Excess mileage surcharge

Maximum permitted Mileage

Ticketed point Mileage

Circle trip checks

Excursion Fares and their understanding

Introduction to GDS

Flight availability

PNR creation-Name, seat, ticketing arrangement, contacts, reference

PNR Creation optional elements

Other Service Information

Special Service Requests

Frequent Flyer

Passport information

Seat requests

Meal requests

Building a PNR

Retrieving a PNR

PNR Modification

PNR splitting

Queue Management

Itinerary Pricing

Practical Implementation of all the above topics

Ticket Issuance

Who should do this course:

Basic Qualification: 12th Pass

Students with Maths acumen should opt for such courses.

Key Takeaways from the course

1. Learn how the travel industry functions.

2. Gain deeper knowledge about Air Ticketing and would be able to handle complex itineraries.

3. Candidates with in-depth knowledge on ticketing are preferred in IATA travel agencies and have brighter chances to climb the ladder in their career.




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