Diploma in Travel and Aviation Management (DTAM)

Diploma in Travel and Aviation Management (DTAM)
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Course Duration: 1 year

Course fee: INR 50,000

Instalment plan: 20,000+15000+15000

Placement: Airport Staff, Ground handling agents, Travel agencies.

Below modules are covered in detail:

1. Hotel

2. Accommodation types

3. Types of Hotels

4. Types of Room

5. Meal Plans

6. Hotel Booking options

7. Hotels Tie-Ups

8. Hotel Cancellations

9. Hotels Visits to star hotels

10. Responsibilities of a hotel executive

11. Airport management

12. Ground Handling Work International and domestic airport

13. Work of an airport representative

14. Understanding operations at the airport

15. Responsibilities of the Flight Crew

16. World Geography

17. Global indicators

18. The terminology used in the Aviation industry

19. Introduction to GDS

20. Flight availability

21. PNR creation-Name, seat, ticketing arrangement, contacts, reference

22. PNR Creation optional elements

23. Other Service Information

24. Special Service Requests

25. Frequent Flyer

26. Passport information

27. Seat requests

28. Meal requests

29. Building a PNR

30. Retrieving a PNR

31. PNR Modification

32. PNR splitting

33. Queue Management

34. Itinerary Pricing

35. Practical Implementation of all the above topics

36. Ticket Issuance

37. Conversational English

38. Speaking Skills

39. Practical exercises for improving English

40. Personality Development Exercises

41. Email Writing

42. Interview Training

43. Mock Interviews

44. Guaranteed Placement

Who should you do this course?

1. Mandatory Qualification: 12th Pass

2. Desired Qualification: Students pursuing graduation can do this course for building their career in the travel industry.

Key Takeaways:

1. Familiarize the students with the travel industry and understanding its insights.

2. Practical Based Training Program in addition to lectures.

3. Exposure to spoken English, personality development exercises, email writing and interview cracking techniques to build confidence.

Where would you be placed after doing this course?

After doing this course the students can get a job in travel agencies, travel portals, airport representative, cabin crew, travel desk at the hotel, GDS help desk, tour operator outbound/inbound




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